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Duration: 4 hours
In Sacred Scents, we explore the role of scent within cultural and spiritual practices, and examine how this relates to the way we use essential oils today. Researchers have always struggled to understand the complex role of scent within a cultural, psychological and spiritual context.
In this four-hour masterclass we will:
  • Examine why essential oils have always been used with spiritual practice
  • Explore the six key factors that contribute to the spiritual dimension of scent, biophilia, awe, sacred space, ritual, myth and neurobiology.
  • investigate the science and research underpinning these factors and learn how understanding these factors not only helps us gain more spiritual clarity, but provides us with a better understanding of the therapeutic role of essential oils.
  • explore the latest research into shinrin-yoku: the Japanese practice of forest bathing and biophilia. This research helps us understand why exposure to nature can have so many beneficial psychological and physiological benefits. What is most exciting about the
  • research into shinrin-yoku is that the volatile oils emitted by trees are responsible for much of the therapeutic efficacy of forest bathing. What is even more exciting is that inhalation of only trace amounts of the volatile essential oil molecules in the air can have so
  • many pronounced physiological and psychological effects, such as boosting immunity, reducing stress producing hormones and improving sleep.
  • examine how neurotheology can help us understand the benefits of essential oils within a spiritual context. Neurotheology integrates anthropology, cognitive neuroscience, neurology, psychology, and sociology; with beliefs, myths, religion, rituals, spiritualpractices, spirituality and theology.
  • review a range of sacred essential oils that have played an important role in the spiritual practices of humankind and are important in the practice of subtle aromatherapy. These oils include benzoin, atlas cedarwood, cypress, frankincense, lotus, myrrh, patchouli,
  • rock rose, rose otto, oud, spikenard, sandalwood, vetiver and yakusugi. We will conclude the session by exploring a range of techniques for working with the essential oils and created sacred blends.
  • learn how to make your own sacred blend.
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