Healing the Spirit Masterclass

Healing the Spirit Masterclass

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Type: Masterclass
Number of Videos: 5
Length: 2hr and 32mins

Integrating concepts of spirituality into health care practices can be challenging. In this masterclass we address many of these challenges and establish a roadmap for integrating aromatic spiritual elements into your aromatherapy practice.

We investigate the role of entheogens and psychointegrators used within shamanic practices, and consider whether essential oils can be classified as entheogens. While it is unlikely that any of the commonly used essential oils lead to an altered state of consciousness, such as that often experienced with many of the powerful psychoactive substances available, neuroscience has identified that many of the biological pathways by which essential oils influence our psyche and modify our brain chemistry are similar to those of altered states of consciousness achieved in shamanic practices.

Part One: Introduction
Part Two: Plants and Spirituality
Part Three: The Nature of Healing
Part Four: Spirituality
Part Five: Spirituality, CAM and the New Age

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