Aromatherapy and Biofields Masterclass

Aromatherapy and Biofields Masterclass

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Type: Masterclass
Number of Videos: 8
Length: 4hr and 12mins

Continuing Professional Development Certificate available on completion.

In Aromatherapy and biofields, we explore the key concepts of biofield therapies, review many of the challenges that biofield therapies face and discuss ways in which they can be integrated into mainstream healing practices. We will explore a range of biofield therapies and discuss how they can be incorporated with aromatherapy.

Part One: Biofield Concepts
Part Two: Vibrational Theory of Olfaction
Part Three: Understanding the Chakras
Part Four: Activity – Exploring the Subtle Nature of Essential Oils
Part Five: Biofield Therapies
Part Six: Biofield Science
Part Seven: The Chakras
Part Eight:Balancing the Chakras

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