The Chemistry of Essential Oils Mini Masterclass

The Chemistry of Essential Oils Mini Masterclass

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Type: Mini Masterclass
Number of Videos: 7
Length: 1hr and 33mins

Examine how the latest research into the chemistry of essential oils is establishing new pathways for the clinical use application of essential oils. While many of us who have studied aromatherapy are familiar with the functional group theory that is often taught, we also examine whether the functional group theory still has any relevance to the practice of aromatherapy or if it provides us with a better therapeutic understanding of essential oils.

Part One: Introduction
Part Two: What are Essential Oils
Part Three: Where is the Evidence
Part Four: Classifying the Therapeutic Activity of Essential Oils According to Chemistry
Part Five: Chirality & Stero-Chemistry
Part Six: Explore a Range of Constituents
Part Seven: Chemistry & Olfaction & Conclusion

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