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Without a doubt, Kurt is one of the most perceptive aromatherapy authors around. The title of this book is a little misleading. 

Gabriel Mojay succinctly provides us with the foundations of TCM in describing the principles of Yin and Yang and the role of the Five Elements, how they interact to support health and wellbeing, and what happens when the elements are out of balance.

Originally published in the French language as Le Capital Jeunesse in 1961 was first translated into English in 1964.

Susanne Fischer-Rizzi’s book has always been my favourite. You can tell how passionate she is about essential oils in the way she describes them.

Written by Madeleine Kerkhof Published in English in 2018 by Kicozo – Knowledge Institute for Complementary Nursing Care, Wernhoutseweg 142, 4884MD Wernhout, The Netherlands Apart from Siberian fir, ginger and frankincense I have not had the opportunity...

I have always loved the title of this book. It perfectly expresses the theories that underpin traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In preparing for the Advanced Aromatherapy and TCM Masterclass in Melbourne last week I decided to dig out the first book I ever read...

I was privileged to see the Aromatherapy Insight Cards while they were being created. After almost 20 years, I am still profoundly moved by each and every one of the images that Karen Osborne has created to embody the archetype of each essential oil.  Each card so...

Robbi’s partner, Jim, reminded me that it was at one of the first ever NAHA conferences in Seattle when I gave Robbi the advice to write a book if you want to be taken seriously. I am ever so grateful that Robbi did take my advice because she created a book that...

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