This morning I came across a beautiful heartfelt article in the Guardian by Chibundu Onuzo reflecting on the last two years of the pandemic, and how she has come to appreciate the character trait referred to as resilience.

She beautifully describes the meaning of resilience when she states;

The pandemic had made me more comfortable with uncertainty.  I was willing to accept that things might not go according to plan, and that was all right, because as long as I was alive and in good health then I could make new plans.” 

Not surprisingly, she says one of the side effects of the virus sweeping across the world, causing lockdowns and separating her from her family, was that she was growing this “strange, wonderful emotional muscle” called resilience.

Onuzo is an amazing individual that has learned to flourish during this pandemic, and I am almost sure that she knows about Julian of Norwich, or has had a sneak preview of one of my upcoming webinars in which I speak about Julian of Norwich, the pandemic, resilience and aromatherapy.

I hope you can join me for this webinar and all the other webinars that I have scheduled for 2022.

I can only imagine how the Omicron variant has created so many challenges to our end of year and 2022 plans. I agree with Onuzo, and this is the same advice that I wanted to share with you all.

While it is important to have plans, it is not good -and indeed harmful- to believe that because you have planned for something then it must be so. Onuzo states she now approaches the future with more humility and flexibility.

Wherever you are in Australia or the world, please have a wonderful, safe, happy New Year. I hope you have fantastic plans for the new year. I hope that the new year allows you to flourish in all aspects of life. To flourish is to cultivate resilience, and essential oils are such a wonderful tool to allow us to flourish and cultivate resilience.

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