Australian Essential Oil Profiles

Australian Essential Oil Profiles

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By Deby Atterby
Published: 2021
Pages 359

Australia is blessed to be home to a diverse range of aromatic plants, from which some unique and very potent essential oils are produced.

In 2000 I was so excited when Mark Webb wrote Bush Sense. Mark’s book introduced the world of aromatherapy to Australia’s diverse range of unique essential oils.

Over the years, many Australian essential oils - such as Buddha wood, blue cypress, fragonia, kunzea and honey myrtle, just to name a few - have become internationally acclaimed and part of every aromatherapist’s repertoire.

We have come to know these oils very well within our clinical practice, and much more is now known about their pharmacology. I was therefore excited once again in 2021 to receive a copy of Deby Atterby’s Australian Essential Oil Profiles. Her book takes us on a wonderful journey to meet all the people that make Australian essential oils possible, and showcases the achievements of essential oil producers in Australia.

Deby has meticulously provided us with detailed monographs of so many beautiful Australian essential oils, as well as those essential oils that may not be unique to Australia but are produced by Australian farmers. The book includes a detailed history of the plant and most thorough explanation of the harvesting of the plant and extraction of the essential oil.

Deby tries her best to pack in as much information as possible in the book, with chapters on bush tucker, Australian carrier oils, Australian hydrosols, medicinal honeys and clays. I think that some of these sections deserve their own book. There are so many wonderful interesting formulations and clinical case histories.

This 359-page hardcover book is beautifully designed and illustrated, and will definitely be an important addition to every aromatherapy enthusiast and health professional’s library.

Thank you so much Deby for showcasing to the world the diverse range of Australian aromatic flora!


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