Soul Comfort: The inspiration and story behind the blend

In this blog I would like to share some insights into the beautiful oils which are the heart and soul of Soul Comfort. Often when I create a blend, I begin with one essential oil as the foundation of my blend. However, when choosing Soul Comfort’s ingredients, I decided to select all the essential oils I find comforting to nurture the soul and lift the spirits.

It is unsurprising that Soul Comfort was created in the midst of the Coronavirus lockdown. Soul comfort is a blend of bergamot, Buddha wood, frankincense, geranium, hinoki wood, lavender, lemon, sweet orange, patchouli, rose absolute and Santalum album.   

One of the most precious aromatic gifts to humankind is Santalum album, which is very common in many spiritual practices. It helps connect us with our soul and guides us to a peaceful meditation that unites body, mind and soul.

Patchouli teaches us that the body is sacred and our senses are the path to our soul. The earthy, comforting scent of patchouli oil is grounding. It enlightens our mind and brings pleasure and delight.

I find essential oils with earthy, woody notes provide us with the best protection against negativity that may surround us. Together with sandalwood and patchouli, Buddha wood prevents us from becoming a psychic sponge, reminding us to remain calm whenever we face adversity and challenges. Buddha wood has an incredible aroma that reminds me of cedarwood, sandalwood and vetiver all in one.

When I decided to open Perfect Potion in Japan, I chose Kyoto as the city for our first shop and Head Office. There is something magical and soul comforting about Kyoto. The delicate, woody scent of hinoki wood reminds me of visiting one of the many beautiful temples and shrines in Kyoto, which are so comforting and calming, helping to create a sacred space where we can find solace.

When creating Soul Comfort, I did not wish to necessarily create a meditative blend; however, many of the essential oils in more meditative blends also happen to be in Soul Comfort. Not only does frankincense open our consciousness to connect with the divine, it promotes a mindful, meditative state, which allows us to receive healing energy. The scent of frankincense is alluring and intriguing. It has a fresh, green, peppery, woody and balsamic scent. I love using it to reconnect those rich base-note essential oils with lighter citrus oils and intoxicating floral oils, such as rose absolute.

It is not surprising that rose has been compared to the soul. Sufi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khanl states the soul can be likened to the rose; as a rosebud blooms, so the soul unfolds. The fragrance emitted from the rose represents the spiritual personality of the rose, which has been described as one of gentleness and unconditional love.

During all my years of blending I have found some unique aromatherapy accords. The term ‘accord’ is often used in perfumery to describe a synergy between two or more fragrant ingredients. I believe lavender and geranium is a very potent accord. Not only are they soothing, comforting and help alleviate nervous tension and anxiety; at a subtle level, both oils have a divine feminine energy that is harmonising, nurturing and comforting.

To balance these delightful soul-comforting essential oils, I needed some vibrant citrus oils. In order to achieve this, I chose sweet orange, bergamot and lemon essential oils. The positivity and exuberance that exudes from sweet orange reminds me of meeting His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.  Bergamot helps heal and cheer our soul and always encourages us to approach life in a joyful way. I had to be careful adding lemon as it has such a high vibrational energy. However, I felt Soul Comfort had to be spiritually cleansing, energising and help clear our psyche. There is no better oil than a beautiful, cold-pressed lemon oil from Sicily to achieve this.

I do sincerely hope you will find some soul comfort in this beautiful blend I have so enjoyed creating, now available online at

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Battaglia S. The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy:  Vol 1- Foundations & Materia Medica. Third Edn,  Black Pepper Creative, Brisbane, 2018.

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