Complete aromatherapy handbook

By Susanne Fischer-Rizzi

Published: 1990 by Sterling Publishing

Susanne Fischer-Rizzi’s book has always been my favourite. You can tell how passionate she is about essential oils in the way she describes them. Her description of each essential oil allows you to really understand the psyche and soul of the oil. She also incorporates the energetics of essential oils in describing their properties. Her description of ylang ylang is so eloquent and perfectly personifies my favourite oil:

She is much like the title character Carmen from Georges Bizet’s opera – fiery, temperamental, passionate and erotic. Although her emotions are deeply felt, she never loses her balance. Aware of her own fascinating radiance, she is capable of casting magic spells. Her wardrobe is bright and colourful and she loves to wear jewelry.

If you are reading this, then I have no doubt that you love all things to do with essential oils and aromatherapy. You will therefore relate to her introduction of essential oils:

Getting to know these heavenly scents is something like falling in love. They will touch your heart; make you more keenly aware of the beauty surrounding you, and open the door to your soul. Suddenly, every facet of your life will seem touched by magic.

I am sure you can relate to the first time you experienced essential oils!

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