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I was privileged to see the Aromatherapy Insight Cards while they were being created. After almost 20 years, I am still profoundly moved by each and every one of the images that Karen Osborne has created to embody the archetype of each essential oil.  Each card so beautifully embodies the psychospiritual qualities of the 42 essential oils. Jennifer provides us with a booklet with instructions on how we can interpret the meaning of each card to guide us on our path in life.

While the cards are so inspirational, nothing beats the opportunity to participate in one of Jennifer’s Aromatherapy Insight Card Masterclasses. I had the opportunity to sit in on Jennifer’s class late last year, at an aromatherapy conference in China. It was so beautiful to see how people connected with the cards, trusting their feelings and intuition to find meaning and purpose in the cards they had selected.

The Insight Cards will help you trust your intuition and they can be an amazing tool to develop your emotional awareness and understand the subtle qualities of essential oils. Most importantly – they are so beautiful.


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