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Dear Friends, 

I am often asked about Volume II of The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy. This is something I am still working and you will be the first to know when it is complete. (That is as long as you subscribe to my newsletter). At this stage I am planning for a 2024 book launch. I am so sorry about the delay, but trust me, it will be worth it. 

Some of the mini-masterclasses for 2023 will focus on the new chapters in Volume II.  For example, we will examine the role of aromatherapy in treating insomnia; we will explore a range of rare and unique Japanese essential oils, we will discover the role of chemistry in understanding essential oils and we examine how detoxification works, what it means and the role essential oils can play in detoxification.

The mini-masterclasses are new for 2023 and they will include access to an online presentation, comprehensive notes, power point presentation and links to many of the important supporting documents.

I recently did a presentation at the Aroma Summit in which I explored the role of aromatherapy in helping us to flourish. The word flourish is such a beautiful word and I love the way positive psychology and mental health professionals have embraced and promoted the concept of flourishing as a true indicator for holistic wellbeing. This got me thinking about the aromatree concept and how each part of the aromatree contributes to promoting a state of flourishing such as optimism, self-esteem, creativity, positive emotions, resilience, vitality, purpose, and connection.

Therefore, my main masterclass for 2023 will examine this relationship between the aromatree and helps us understand how aromatherapy allows us to flourish. I am still working on the title of this masterclass however it is likely to be Flourishing with the Aromatree.

I am so excited to travel back to the USA to speak live at the NAHA Beyond Aromatics 2023 conference in October. The title of my presentation will be - Can the biophilia hypothesis provide new pathways for understanding the role of aromatherapy in supporting mental health?

In this presentation we will explore the important role essential oils play in supporting the biophilia hypothesis and how this can be used to provide better mental health outcomes.

Thank you so much and I do hope you enjoy attending my masterclasses and my newsletter.

Best wishes,

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