I have often suggested that the reason people are drawn to aromatherapy is a desire to reconnect with nature. In my latest book, The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, Volume III - Psyche & Subtle, I explore the relationship between scent and spirituality. I suggest that biophilia, awe, sacred space, ritual, myth and neurobiology are all pathways that contribute to the spiritual dimension of scent.

This is the most difficult message I have ever had to write. I was hoping time would heal, but sometimes it cannot. My kokoro is sad. Kokoro, by the way, is a beautiful Japanese word relating to the heart and how it connects body, mind and spirit. 

Did you know the Japanese have a word for ‘a pile of unread books’? That word is tsundoku. I have finally had a chance since pre-COVID-19 to have an entire week off. I have decided to unwind at my favourite local getaway: North Stradbroke Island.

One of the very important issues that Thayer addresses in her thesis, The Adoption of Shamanic Healing into the Biomedical Health Care System in the United States, is the appropriation of indigenous knowledge. 

Scent is like music to the sense of smell; evoking emotions, memories and imagery. It is the most abstract of the senses: we are often lost for words when trying to describe a particular scent. At best, we might compare it with other scents or associate it with a feeling, mood or with a fond memory.

In 2013, Carolyn and I took my Dad back to Italy for his 80th birthday to visit the town where he had spent his childhood. It was wonderful to reconnect with my family in Sicily during Easter. I knew very little about the spectacular Easter processions in Sicily. It...

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