Our role as holistic therapists during the pandemic

My sincere heartfelt thoughts go out to everyone who is currently in lockdown.

The editorial of the Winter 2021 edition of The Australian Journal of Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine by Susan Arentz states that, like other health professionals, naturopaths and herbalists are ideally placed to respond to vaccine hesitancy; particularly for those individuals who may mistrust straight-up conventional healthcare. She believes that arming holistic health professionals with transparent and accurate evidence about vaccines will play a vital role in reducing vaccine hesitancy and respond to misinformation.1

She explains that as health educators, we must take ownership of our role and draw on transparent and reliable sources; accurately interpreting information and provide informed healthcare to our patients’ individual health.
She goes on to state:

In-turn, we should investigate the impact of our clinical efforts using rigorous methodology and illustrate our unique position as reliable and safe health professionals with an integral role in the pandemic. This will not only support individuals hesitant about vaccines, but could also contribute to preventing viral spread and enable physical re-connecting with international communities.1

Politicians in Australia have made their position clear, and are likely to maintain a closed-border policy until we reach vaccination levels they deem to no longer be a threat in order to reopen borders and communities.

It is with this in mind that over the coming months we must make informed decisions regarding our own health, the health of our friends and family, and that of our clients. I would like to play a small role in keeping you up to date with:

• the latest up-to-date accurate research regarding the pandemic
• what we can learn from previous pandemics
• a better understanding of how our immune system works
• information about vaccines
• holistic measures that one can take during the pandemic in order to take care of our health.


Arentz S. Editorial. The Australian Journal of Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine, 2021;33(2):52-53. doi:10.33235/ajhnm.33.52-53.

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