The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy Third Edition Vol III

The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy Third Edition Vol III

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The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy 
3rd Edition
Vol 3 - Psyche & Subtle

Subtle aromatherapy is often marginalised as a ‘new age’ practice that does not offer any real, scientific basis to support the practice of aromatherapy. However, exciting new sciences are emerging such as neurotheology that are unravelling many of the mysteries of scent and aromatherapy. The purpose of Volume III is to explore the latest research and examine why scent and essential oils have such a profound influence on our psyche.

Author: Salvatore Battaglia
Published: 2021
Number of pages: 420
Paperback edition

Each chapter explores a different aspect of the psyche and subtle. Chapters include:
- Re-shamanising Aromatherapy
- Spirituality
- Sacred Scents
- Spiritual Dimension of Scent
- Biofield Therapies
- Mindfulness
- Aromatherapy, TCM, Systems Biology and - Personalised Medicine
- Olfaction
- Neuropsychopharmacology of Essential Oils
- Aromatherapy and Mental Health
- Essential Oil Subtle Profiles

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