Message from Sal

Dear Friends, 

The first time I read Suzanne Fischer Rizzi evocative description of essential oils, I fell in love with aromatherapy;

Getting to know these heavenly scents is something like falling in love. They will touch your heart, make you keenly aware of the beauty surrounding you, and open the door to your soul. Suddenly, every facet of your life will seem touched by magic.

It has taken me over 30 years to fully appreciate the meaning of these words. Falling in love is such a powerful transformative experience and just imagine that scent can open the door to our soul. This provocative statement suggests that essential oils have a profound emotional and spiritual transformative effect that enhance and enrich our life.

From a relatively young age, I knew my purpose; however, I was never comfortable with the limited career options offered in mainstream traditional allopathic medicine, so I decided to follow a more holistic approach involving herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and then I discovered aromatherapy. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity that I have had to write books on aromatherapy, establish my own aromatherapy school, run masterclasses and to create Perfect Potion - all of which are an embodiment of my purpose in life - to help people flourish.

My work has allowed me to explore so many different facets of aromatherapy. I claim that aromatherapy is the medicine of the future. However, while essential oils have become more popular than ever, the role of the aromatherapist as the health professional has been severely undermined by many factors. I dare not suggest that I have a solution, even though many have asked me to start up my aromatherapy school again. While this is out of the question, I have decided to do the next best thing, if not better – establish Salvatore Battaglia Online.  As you may know, the aromatree is a concept that I have developed to facilitate the education of aromatherapy.

At Salvatore Battaglia Online, I will challenge the current prevailing Western attitude which is obsessed with the pharmacological paradigm in which essential oils are effectively disintegrated into the isolated actions of isolated chemical constituents. We will explore holistic approaches using aromatherapy to manage and treat many of the chronic ailments plaguing our society. I will introduce many new concepts in which you can use to incorporate aromatherapy into your practice or daily healthcare regime.

With 40 years’ experience in aromatherapy, education, natural health and the wellbeing industry, I am looking forward to take you on an amazing journey when you join the Salvatore Battaglia Online, that will help you unlock the amazing potential benefits of oil essential oils and help you to flourish.

I will unveil the new platform for the Salvatore Battaglia Online soon.

Best wishes,