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 We are excited to announce the first year of The Aromatree Community!

Become a member of this exclusive advanced aromatherapy community and receive a multiple of benefits alongside enrolment into this fascinating course.

Each year, there will be an opportunity to enrol as a member of this advanced aromatherapy community. Together with Salvatore and a community of like-minded peers, you will embark upon a journey through the Aromatree and explore a particular aspect.

Learn via a series of masterclasses, books, live Q&A with Salvatore, and engage in an exclusive Facebook group centred on discussing and sharing advanced aromatherapy content.

Enrol before June 25th 2021.

The Aromatree is an effective means for understanding the complex nature of essential oils. It also illustrates the diversity of aromatherapy, and the challenges in accepting a common ground for the practice of aromatherapy.
For example the woods and resins in the Aromatree emobody the spiritual aspects of aromatherapy; the leaves embody the science, pharmacology and chemistry that underpins aromatherapy; the roots embody the foundation of aromtherapy and the flowers embody the heart and soul of aromatherapy.

This year to celebrate the launch of my new book, The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, Volume III - Psyche & Subtle, I have chosen to explore woods and resins which embody the spiritual dimension of aromatherapy.
I hope you can join me as we explore the different facets of spirituality and how we can integrate them into aromatherapy.

- Salvatore Battaglia

Membership includes:
  • Access to all six masterclasses in Salvatore Battaglia’s advanced aromatherapy course Exploring the Spiritual Dimension of Aromatherapy as they become available throughout 2021. Watch them at your own pace or keep up with the group, as you have access to them all year! Course valued at $595 | Individual Masterclasses valued at $830.

  • A copy of Salvatore's new book The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy – Volume III : Psyche & Subtle (shipped to your home address once available). Valued at $59.95.

  • Access to the private Facebook group: The Aromatree Community, exclusive to Aromatree members only! Participate in group discussions around the content of Salvatore’s 2021 Masterclasses as they are released. Keep up to date with monthly live updates by Sal.
    Participate in exclusive live Q&A discussion groups via Zoom with Salvatore! A week after the release of each Masterclass Salvatore will be hosting a live Q&A sessions via Zoom for Aromatree community members only!

  • Exclusive access to special offers and new products releases via Perfect Potion.


The third millennium will be spiritual or there will be no third millennium.
André Malraux
Malraux’s quote is the premise for this advanced aromatherapy course. In this course we examine the role of scent within spiritual practices, and how this has influenced the way we use essential oils today. We explore the role of spirituality within healing and how aromatherapy can be used to nurture our spirituality.
We will learn about the subtle and energetic qualities of essential oils and explore why essential oils have a profound influence on our psyche. We will examine why aromatherapy can play an important role in the management of mental health disorders. Aromatherapy provides us with a viable psychopharmacological alternative, and at the same time, nurtures many of the psychospiritual elements essential to mental health wellbeing.
I believe that an understanding of shamanic practices can prepare and guide us on our journey as a healer. Knowledge of shamanic practices will help us understand why essential oils are a catalyst for healing, renewal, strength and enthusiasm for life. Essential oils are the very molecules by which plants have always communicated with us, and they elicit the long-lost connections we have had with nature.


This advanced aromatherapy course comprises of six masterclasses, valued at $800:
  • Healing the Spirit Masterclass | $95 | 2 hours | Released Saturday 26th June 2021
    In this masterclass we establish a roadmap for integrating traditional spiritual elements into your aromatherapy practice.

  • Sacred Scents Masterclass | $180| 4 hours | Released Saturday 10th July 2021
    In this we explore the role of scent within cultural and spiritual practices, and examine how this relates to the way we use essential oils today.

  • Aromatherapy and Biofields Masterclass | $140 | 3 hours | Released Saturday 7th August 2021
    In this masterclass we learn how essential oils can be used to awaken your body’s subtle energy through an awareness of the chakras, and the psychospiritual forces that integrate our body, mind and spirit.

  • Aromatherapy and the Five Elements | $140| 3 hours | Released Saturday 21st August 2021
    In this masterclass we discover how the theory of the Five Elements, commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), can provide us with a holistic framework in which we can effectively practice aromatherapy.

  • Aromatherapy and Mindfulness | $95 | 2 hours | Released Saturday 11th September 2021
    In this masterclass we will learn how mindfulness practices can help enhance our intuitive skills to discover the subtle therapeutic qualities of essential oils, thereby providing our client with a better therapeutic outcome.

  • Aromatherapy and Mental Health | $180 | 4 hours | Released Saturday 2nd October 2021
    In this masterclass we examine the current concerns of many mental health professionals who believe mental health services have for too long been controlled by a reductionist biomedical framework, rather addressing the psychological, social and cultural issues and we learn how aromatherapy can provide a very effective and safe modality to reduce the risks of mental health disorders.



Subtle aromatherapy is often marginalised as a ‘new age’ practice that does not offer any real, scientific basis to support the practice of aromatherapy. However, exciting new scientific developments are emerging, such as neurotheology, and are unravelling many of the mysteries of scent and aromatherapy.
The purpose of this book is to explore the latest research and examine why scent and essential oils have such a profound influence on our psyche.
Each chapter explores a different aspect of the psyche and subtle. Chapters include:
  • Re-shamanising Aromatherapy
  • Spirituality
  • Sacred Scents
  • Spiritual Dimension of Scent
  • Biofield Therapies
  • Mindfulness
  • Aromatherapy, TCM, Systems Biology and Personalised Medicine
  • Olfaction
  • Neuropsychopharmacology of Essential Oils
  • Aromatherapy and Mental Health
  • Essential Oil Subtle Profiles
I believe that aromatherapy is in a unique position to act as a bridge between biomedicine and complementary therapies. There are no other natural remedies that are able to influence the subtle body and psyche like essential oils. This book will help you understand the complex subtle nature of essential oils.

  • Healing the Spirit LIVE Q&A via Zoom | Saturday 2nd July 2021 | 1 hour
  • Sacred Scents LIVE Q&A via Zoom | Saturday 31st July 2021 | 1 hour
  • Aromatherapy and Chakras LIVE Q&A via Zoom | Saturday 14th August 2021 | 1 hour
  • Aromatherapy and the Five Elements LIVE Q&A via Zoom | Saturday 28th August 2021 | 1 hour
  • Aromatherapy and Mindfulness LIVE Q&A via Zoom | Saturday 18th September 2021 | 1 hour
  • Aromatherapy and Mental Health LIVE Q&A via Zoom | Saturday 10th October 2021 | 1 hour


  • Gain access to the private Facebook group: The Aromatree Community.
  • Discuss masterclass content with the group as released.
  • Collective and collaborative learning guided by Salvatore, his work and teachings.
  • Keep up to date on release dates, live Q&A's and updates from Salvatore.
  • Connect with like minded people and be a part of the advanced aromatherapy community.
  • Be the first to gain access to special offers and new products.


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