Aromatherapy & Archetypes Masterclass


Recorded on: Saturday 27th September 2022
Cost: $120 AUD
Duration: 4 hours

This masterclass is the accumulation of my personal journey in discovering and understanding the quintessential nature of essential oils.

I have always been in awe of the powerful evocative and ephemeral quality of the scent of essential oils.

I believe that each essential oil embodies certain archetypal traits.

Understanding these archetypes and how they relate to essential oils can be a powerful catalyst for transformation and guide us on our pathway to wholeness which Jung referred to as individuation.

In this masterclass we discover the power of archetypes and how can they, together with essential oils, can play a very important role in archetypal medicine and be a powerful catalyst for change in our life.

In this masterclass we will:

  • Explore how archetypes have been used throughout the ages to depict the driving forces that dominate human behaviour.
  • Examine the relationships between the various models used to define archetypes such as the Jungian archetypes, the Five Elements, the seven chakras, the enneagram, the zodiac, psychosynthesis and the archetypes as described by Carolyn Myss or those of Margaret Mark and Carol Pearson.
  • Discover the personal archetypes that dominates our personality
  • Learn how to use the archetypes to guide us on our personal journey of discovery and individuation
  • Explore the important role of archetypal medicine within the healing framework
  • Identify the relationship between essential oils and the archetypes using the aromatree
  • Explore the archetypal qualities of a range of commonly used essential oils
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