Essential Oils

The essential oil monographs provide us with the most detailed and comprehensive information of an essential oil. Each monograph includes a description of the botany and origins, organoleptic profile, chemical composition, history and traditional uses, a comprehensive review of pharmacological and clinical studies, actions and indications, blending tips and advice for safe use.

The lotus flower fragrance perfectly reflects its botanical form. The medium is the message. The flower rises pristine from the earth’s mud and offers a fragrance of heavenly bliss.1 Lotus is truly unique. All parts of the plant – the roots, stems, leaves, seeds and...

Hazrat Inayat Khanl (1882-1927) compares the rose with the soul:

The soul can be likened to the rose; as a rosebud blooms, so the soul unfolds itself, for the rosebud to bloom five conditions are required – fertile soil, bright sun, water, air and space; and the same five conditions are required for the unfoldment of the soul.1

According to world checklist of selected plant families there are over 2000 species of the genus Thymus.The most common species is Thymus vulgaris known as garden or common thyme..

Vetiveria zizanioides (L.) Nash This essential oil connects us to earth’s energies. It is a source of vital energy and regeneration. The earthy fragrance of the oil supports all of those who have lost touch with the earth and their roots. Vetiver nourishes people who

Botanical name Cryptomeria japonica   Botany and origins Yakusugi refers to “Japanese cedar” from the island of Yakushima, typically growing at an altitude of 500 m and higher. Yakushima is a subtropical island off the southern coast of Kyushu and part of

Cananga odorata (Lam.) Hook.f. & Thomson The spirit of ylang ylang usually fits that of the person naturally drawn to the oil. … She is much like the title character Carmen from Georges Bizet’s opera – fiery, temperamental, passionate and erotic. Although her.

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