Aromatherapy and Chakras Masterclass SOLD OUT

August 22, 2020

Aromatherapy and Chakras Masterclass SOLD OUT /

Brisbane, Australia




In celebration of the release of Aromatherapy and Chakras book, Salvatore will be conducting a special masterclass from Perfect Potion head quarters in Brisbane, Australia. He will discuss the relationship between aromatherapy, biofield energies and chakras.

In Aromatherapy and Chakras Masterclass we will:

* Examine the relationship between scent and the chakras
* Discuss the relationship between the world happiness report and chakras
* Investigate new science that establishes a scientific basis for the existence of chakras
* Explain why the future of medicine is energy based
* Learn the true history of chakras
* Examine how chakras can provide us with a holistic framework for understanding human consciousness
* Examine a holistic framework for using essential oils to balance the chakras

10am - 11am - Masterclass Part One
11.30am - 12pm - Morning Tea Break
12pm - 1pm - Masterclass Part Two
1pm - 2pm - Lunch Break
2pm - 3pm - Masterclass Part Three


Tickets via Zoom now available! Watch this special Masterclass LIVE from the comfort of your own home.

CLICK HERE to purchase your live stream webinar tickets!

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