The Zen of Blending Masterclass and Webinar

October 2022

The Zen of Blending Masterclass and Webinar

Perfect Potion HQ or Online


October 2022
4 hour face to face masterclass or online
Venue: Perfect Potion Head Office, 7 Guardhouse Road, Banyo or online.
Fee - $150 (includes copy of The Zen of Blending Workbook) Includes use of essential oils for face-to-face attendees.

In The Zen of Blending Masterclass, I would like to share with you my personal journey of discovery and how essential oils have opened the door to my soul. We will explore the various skills and approaches that I have adopted in the last 30 years to create the exquisite range of aromatherapy blends and perfumes that have become the heart and soul of Perfect Potion.

While blending essential oils is often considered a hobby, it is a very important skill that all aromatherapists need to master. However, it is very disappointing that much of the information available on blending essential oils within aromatherapy is rather limited, and often heavily reliant on many dogmatic rules of what you can and cannot do. Therefore, I turned to perfumery in order to develop my blending skills. I remember reading in one perfumery book the necessary attributes of a skilled perfumer:

A perfumer has to be a chemist, laboratory technician, pharmacist, must learn to differentiate up to two thousand or so fragrant components, but more importantly their senses must be open and receptive to beauty, harmony, sounds, pictures, nature and above all, people.

In The Zen of Blending Masterclass not only will you be introduced to the sensory skills used by professional perfumers to blend essential oils, but most important the need to be ‘open and receptive’.

By being ‘open and receptive’ you will discover how to open yourself to the beauty and harmony of essential oils and the power that they have to embrace and heal the body, mind and soul. You will develop the skills to use essential oils to inspire calm, exhilaration, spirituality and other desirable, yet often elusive states of mind.

This is why I have chosen the term Zen as the title for the masterclass and workbook. Zen refers to a state of calm attentiveness which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort and to be a skilled at blending essential oils one needs to be guided by intuition.

The Zen of Blending Masterclass is an invitation to open the door to a magical and sensory world of essential oils. There are four sessions in this masterclass:

Session 1 - The art of smelling

  • We learn the language of scent and how to classify essential oils according to their odour family, type and characteristics.
  • We learn how to become open and receptive to scent
  • We learn how to create our own fragrant vocabulary.

Session 2 - Therapeutic blending techniques

  • In which we examine a range of therapeutic blending strategies based on pharmacological principles, psychotherapeutic principles, personality profiling and vitalistic energetic approaches such as TCM or Ayurveda.
  • We learn about IP (Individual Prescription) developed by Marguerite Maury and the importance of a signature and regulating oil in a blend.
  • We discuss the concept of synergy
  • We examine how perfume accords can enhance the therapeutic efficacy of your blend.

Session 3 - The psychology of scent

  • We examine the role between emotions and olfaction.
  • We discuss the factors that may influence fragrance selection.
  • We examine the relationship between personality and scent.

Session 4 - Perfume blending techniques

  • We identify the basic skills required to be a perfumer.
  • We examine some of the innovative blending techniques used by professional perfumers
  • We examine the purpose of top, middle and base notes in a perfume.
  • We explore the role of perfume accords.

There will be many activities in the masterclass, which will allow us to explore the aesthetics of scent and learn to be open and receptive to the ephemeral nature of essential oils. There will also be an opportunity to create your own blends.



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