Aromatherapy and shinrin-yoku

18th May 2022

Aromatherapy and shinrin-yoku

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Wednesday 18th May 2022
6pm AEST via Zoom | 1hr FREE Webinar

Many cultures have long been aware of the unique connection we have with nature. I have suggested that people are drawn to aromatherapy as a way to reconnect with nature.
It is not surprising that many researchers have discovered that essential oils are strongly implicated as a means of plants interacting with humans.

In this webinar we explore the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku - which translates literally to forest bathing.
We examine the positive health outcomes of forest bathing and how essential oils can mimic the therapeutic benefits of shinrin-yoku.
We also explore four precious essential oils unique to the forests of Japan – sugi leaf, sugi wood, hinoki leaf and hinoki wood – available for a limited time only in our new Shinrin-Yoku Essential Oil Collection.



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