Aromatherapy and Mental Health Masterclass

Release date: Saturday 2nd October 2021
Cost: $180 AUD
Duration: 4 hours
Management of mental health and associated illnesses is now one of the biggest challenges and priorities for governments and health professionals around the world. So many risk factors can contribute to mental health disruption. Any holistic approach to mental health and mental illness must consider the many social and biological factors that can influence mental health.
In Aromatherapy and Mental Health masterclass, we examine the current concerns of many mental health professionals who believe mental health services have for too long been controlled by a reductionist biomedical framework, rather addressing the psychological, social and cultural issues.
Aromatherapy can provide a very effective and safe modality to reduce the risks of mental health disorders. While much of the research into essential oils for the treatment of mental health conditions focuses on confirming the pharmacological efficacy of the essential oils,
I believe that it is too narrowly focused on a biomedical interventionist approach. While we will examine the current research, I will also present a more holistic aromatherapy model that addresses many of the concerns being raised by those working in mental health care.
In this four-hour masterclass we will:
  • identify the factors that contribute to mental health disorders
  • identify early symptoms to look out for as possible signs of a mental health disorder
  • discuss a range of treatments including aromatherapy
  • examine the psychopharmacology and clinical evidence to support the use of aromatherapy for the management of mental health disorders
  • examine a range of essential oil blends for a range of mental health disorders.
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