Aromatherapy and Chakras book launch

I would like to thank you for joining me to celebrate the launch of my Aromatherapy and Chakras book. Before I talk about the book, I do sincerely hope that you, your family and friends are OK, and you have not been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the Government lockdowns and restrictions in place. 

I do not wish to discuss the right or wrong decisions taken by Governments. However, thus far, I do commend the decision made in Australia at a Federal and State Government level. We are now seeing the levels of new infections continuing to drop and the level of recoveries on the increase and mortality has been kept very low.

I wish to thank everyone for being so diligent with social distancing and lockdown restrictions. They may appear to have been draconian; however, they have worked in minimising the spread of infections in Australia. I do wish to express my gratitude to our frontline health workers and everyone who has worked through this pandemic to ensure all essentials are available for us. I must admit, I am still trying to work out the panic buying of toilet paper.

This pandemic, I hope, is a once in a lifetime event. The road to recovery will be difficult: we face uncertain times ahead and more than ever, we need to not only take care of our physical health, but also our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Which draws me to a quote from a French writer: “The third millennium will be spiritual or there will be no third millennium.” This is the perfect introduction to my new book.

Before I go any further, you must remember the information I provide is my own interpretation of how I have chosen to understand the chakras and how they can provide us with a holistic framework for using essential oils at a subtle level.

Yes, I have included an entire chapter examining many of the subtle therapies used by many such as flower essences, crystals and colour therapy to name a few. I believe aromatherapy is so unique as a subtle therapy because essential oils can not only be effective at a pharmacological level, but also at a subtle level.

I need to explain the dilemma some of us may have with chakras. Chakras provide us with a very useful way of interpreting and guiding us on our spiritual journey. However, this does not mean they must replace our existing traditional spiritual beliefs or practices. Chakras can be easily integrated into our existing spiritual beliefs.

We know the origins of chakras are from traditional subtle body practices of Indian and Tibetan Tantric traditions. The origins of chakras are indeed very controversial and I hope Chapter 7: Eastern Chakra System and Chapter 8: Western Chakra System will provide some clarity in understanding the history of the chakras.

I also share with you my own personal journey into natural therapies. In my past life, the life before I discovered natural therapies, I was an Electrical Engineer. The concept of Qi flowing through meridians was not so strange to me or the idea for amplifying energy using crystals made perfect logical sense as this is what we did everyday as Electrical Engineers. Just think about the incredible technology which is enabling you to view this from the comfort of your home while I am here in Brisbane, Australia. I wanted to build machines to measure the Qi and the subtle energy using technology I had just learned of in the 1980s based on Kirlian photography. However, I was not very successful at building such machines. I then discovered a book Heal Thyself written by Doctor Edward Bach. This book was the catalyst to dedicate my life to healing and helping others.

In the introduction of my book, I introduce you to a book I had only recently discovered, Rainbow Body: A history of the Western Chakra system from Blavatsky to Brennan by Kurt Leland. In this book, Leland, I believe, is a little cynical when he discovers a range of chakra balancing essential oils. He states:

Several half-amused questions came to mind; could a scent really ‘open the floodgates of compassion and understanding’ associated with the heart chakra. Why was the ‘empowering’ third eye chakra associated with ‘delicate citrus blend’? How would a fully enlightened being smell when wearing all seven scents at once?

As I state in the introduction of the book:

“I could be cynical and state that Leland may not understand how essential oils work at a subtle level. However, he does have a point. How did something that has its origins in ancient Indian spiritualism and Tantric practice come to this? He explains that when you look into the traditional teachings involving chakras in India, scent was not involved or the idea of chakra balancing was never mentioned. This, claims Leland, was the catalyst to write a book for people who want to know the real history of the Western chakras.”

This made me question what I had been doing all these years. Had I fallen under the spell of the New Age movement and perpetuated many of the Western constructs associated with chakras?

But then I said to myself: Hold on, I have seen, time and time again, how so many people’s lives have been profoundly changed when they use essential oils and how essential oils have empowered them, acted as a catalyst to improve their health or simply provided clarity and direction in their life.

While Leland has written a book that traces the true history of chakras, I felt it was important to write a book to help us to understand a holistic approach to using essential oils within the framework of the Western concept of chakras as psycho-energetic centres and energy medicine.

I present many different views and interpretations of chakras, which can be found in the chapters entitled Eastern chakra system and the Western chakra system.

Early concepts of the chakras influenced early transpersonal psychologists. Abraham Maslow, who is often donned the father of Humanistic Psychology, established Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. You can clearly see the relationship between the way chakras are often interpreted.

In the book, I also spend time examining the relationship between our physical anatomy and chakras and the association with the major endocrine glands, which is most fascinating. I examine the relationship between chakras and consciousness and varying levels of consciousness. The chakras are often interpreted as seven centres of consciousness.

This I believe, helps us to understand who and what we really are. Meditating on a chakra can help remove obstacles that may be blocking our spiritual awareness.

In the book I describe my first encounter with Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) at an Integrative Medicine conference in Japan using a Gas Discharge Visualisation camera. This technology makes use of Kirlian photography to measure the human biofield. In an experiment we conducted, it was possible to visualise the influence essential oils can have on our biofield energy.

There is so much research into what we refer to ultraweak biophoton emissions and their relationship to our health and wellbeing and the chakra energy centres.

The second half of the book is dedicated to a comprehensive monograph of each chakra. I must continue to thank a few more dear friends and colleagues. Each chakra starts with a beautiful poem written by my dear friend, Marzena Skowronska. Each poem perfectly embodies the qualities of each chakra. Let me read you one such beautiful poem:

The mystery of life
Is to remember to have fun
Through play we meditate
Become fully present
Forget there are limits
We tap straight to the source
Enable the space
For magic to take place
When we get lost
In what is giving us joy
We get inspired
Create with the spirit
Totally immersed
Connected to the flow of the Universe
Miracles happen
We find our purpose
The life becomes meaningful
We don’t have to be so serious
To achieve big things
Quite the opposite
We need to let go
And move our hips
Into the music of our soul
Once we find the rhythm
Follow that spark
We will light up
Flow effortlessly
Raising our energy
Effecting everyone around us
With positive vibes
And as they say
It doesn’t matter what you do
As long as you feel good
Like attracts alike
So only when your vibe is high
You are a magnet for that
Ready to receive
Soak up
The sweet nectar
Of a bountiful life

Do you know which chakra this is?

The sacral chakra of course.

I am also grateful for to Perfect Potion team whom I consider my family. They have been an incredible source of strength and support to me during these challenging times.

I would sincerely love to thank Jennifer Jefferies for her beautiful Foreward and energetic video message. I am very proud of all my students and the amazing work they have gone on to achieve. A big thank you and hug to Jennifer and all my students – you have always been a source of inspiration.

I am not a fan of handing out recipes or lists; however, I have decided to make an exception for the Aromatherapy and Chakras book. There is a section where I provide examples of essential oil blends and a short list of essential oils I believe may help to support you on your journey to understanding chakras.

I have also created a range of beautiful Limited Edition Chakra Essential Oil blends. I would like to conclude by briefly describing each blend and explain the exquisite essential oils I have chosen to make these blends so special.

The base chakra blend perfectly grounds our energy with my favourite oils such as rock rose, buddha wood and oakmoss.

Sacral chakra blend is heavenly with a blend of mogra absolute, coriander seed and ylang ylang.

Solar plexus chakra truly empowers us with white frankincense, atlas cedarwood, spruce and black pepper

The heart chakra envelopes you in compassion with melissa, neroli, rose otto and everlasting

The throat chakra allows us to speak truthfully with the delightful aromas of blue tansy and yarrow.

The third eye chakra allows us to trust our intuition with clary sage and everlasting while the crown chakra blend purely elevates our consciousness with pink lotus, neroli and the extremely rare and precious yakusugi oil from Yakushima island in Japan.

Each blend also contains ether Santalum album or Santalum spicatum.

Before I go, I must also thank talented artists who work for us at Perfect Potion. Paola Milani created the beautiful image for the front cover and Jill Psenitza created the amazing collage on page 222. See if you can spot me in the collage! Jill shares her story and the inspiration behind the collage in the book.

I also want to say Hello to Mark Webb who I am sure is listening: thank you for your help and I also look forward to your second edition of Bush Sense, which hopefully will come out soon!

Please look through my new website – and while you are there, please subscribe to my newsletter. Actually, the fact you received this newsletter means you are already subscribed. Thank you so much for subscribing!

I do promise to have an online masterclass very soon.

I sincerely hope you enjoy Aromatherapy and Chakras book and wherever you are, take care and hope to speak to you soon.

Best wishes



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  • Comment Link Norlisa Lee Tuesday, 05 May 2020 22:25 posted by Norlisa Lee

    How can I purchase the Chakra book and blends. I am from Malaysia. Show I order from ifa or directly from you, which is nearer. Thank you.

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