Don’t worry be happy?

Perfect Potion’s Happy & Calm blend is such a beautiful and simple blend of sweet orange, lavender, Roman chamomile and frankincense. The warm, resiny aroma of frankincense comforts the soul and gives us the opportunity to create a mindful, meditative state; allowing us to reflect on our purpose and spiritual nature. Roman chamomile’s soothing herbaceous scent relieves any tension and anger we may be holding on. While we are all familiar with lavender’s calming and relaxing properties, its beautiful nurturing scent also reminds us to nourish all the important relationships we have in our life. Sweet orange is the star ingredient of Happy & Calm blend - it is bursting with positivity, happiness, vitality and always manages to lifts our spirits whenever we feel gloomy.

I wanted to share with you some amazing research exploring all the amazing benefits of happiness on our wellbeing; however, to be honest I was stuck finding the right words. I then realized why I was having so much difficulty finding the right words to say – to be honest, I was not exactly feeling happy after two years of struggling with all the challenges of the pandemic. Just as many of us felt that life was starting to return to normal, omicron came along and took everything away again. Now in February 2022, I feel exhausted.

You may be thinking: ‘but hold on Sal, what about the essential oils – you have always spoken about the amazing effect that essential oils have on our psyche, so why are you feeling like this?’

I suppose I was feeling much like Jeremy Adam Smith, who has written an interesting blog – I’m a happiness journalist, and omicron is crushing me. In this blog, he asks himself if happiness is possible right now. If you read the article, please ensure you read it all as he gives us some very practical ways to deal with the challenges he is experiencing and many of us may also be dealing with.

Perhaps it is time to now reflect on what happiness actually means. It has been the topic of many scholars, researchers, and philosophers since the dawn of humankind.

I would like to share with you a beautiful description provided by Sonja Lyumomirsky who describes happiness as:

The experience of joy, contentment, or positive wellbeing, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful and worthwhile.

What Lumomirsky is referring to is the hedonic (enjoyment and pleasure) and eudaimonic (purpose and meaning) aspects of happiness. If you are interested to learn more about this, I talk about it in the chapter on Aromatherapy and Mental Health in Volume III of The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy.

The World Happiness Reports have come up with a complex system which incorporate financial and social measures to rank each country according to how happy its citizens are. For those of you that are interested, I will be writing a more detailed blog about the research and science behind happiness in the near future.

Back to Happy & Calm blend – the sweet orange most definitely brings enjoyment and pleasure to the blend and represents the more hedonic aspect of happiness. On the other hand, I believe that the lavender, Roman chamomile and frankincense help to nurture the eudaimonic nature of happiness; helping us stay connected to our purpose – especially in times of stress and life challenges.

I would really love to send a bottle of Happy & Calm blend to Jeremy Adam Smith now. I could feel his frustration and feelings of hopelessness, and while we are all ready for the pandemic to stop now, I hope that we can use aromatherapy to give us the strength and courage to guide us through these challenging times so that we do not lose sight of our purpose.

I hope you are able to get the same feeling as I do when you experience Happy & Calm blend.

Thank you so much and please take care.




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