The Empowerment Cycle

By Sharon Wood

Published: 2021 by Rockpool Publishing

Aromatherapist, educator and author Sharon Wood has done an amazing job continuing the legacy she began many years ago when she created Emgoddess.

Her latest book, The Empowerment Cycle, brings together all her experience as a health professional and educator to empower women with deeper understanding of their menstrual cycle.

In her book, Sharon guides women in understanding how each phase of the menstrual cycle impacts on one’s energy levels, self-esteem, relationships and physical wellbeing, and provides practical advice on how to harness the strengths of each phase to flourish.

In The Empowerment Cycle, Sharon has been able to validate many of her original discoveries with peer-reviewed research. This book is so well-researched and well-written; including lots of practical hands-on advice including how to use aromatherapy to help support each stage of one’s cycle.

I agree with Sharon who states that she hopes that this book will provide the tools to change perceptions and attitudes towards menstruation and empower one throughout the different phases of the month.

She has attributed each of the four phases of the menstrual cycle after a Greek Goddess who displays character traits associated with each phase: Hecate, Daphne, Demeter and Persephone.

This is a book that I believe everyone should read. While many of Sharon’s workshops attendees are women, I think that The Empowerment Cycle is a must-read book for men as it will allow them to better support and nurture their relationships with the women in their lives.


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