My Kokoro Is Sad

This is the most difficult message I have ever had to write. I was hoping time would heal, but sometimes it cannot. My kokoro is sad. Kokoro, by the way, is a beautiful Japanese word relating to the heart and how it connects body, mind and spirit. 

On Sunday morning, the 6th December 2020, our 15-year-old Beagle, Charlie, passed away. Carolyn always said Charlie was my little girl. Every time I travelled overseas, Charlie would inevitably get an upset tummy for several days. Carolyn would send me photos of Charlie waiting patiently at the front door waiting for me to come home. 

She was a gentle, shy puppy with a ravenous Beagle appetite, and the urge to make a break for it if the door was left open. If you have owned a Beagle, you will know what I mean! They are not the most obedient of dogs, and any chance they have to be off-leash in an unrestricted area spells ‘trouble’!

She went to work every day and loved to do her daily rounds with the team. I know so many of the Perfect Potion team will miss her dearly. At least everyone can now safely leave their lunch on their desk unattended without it mysteriously disappearing.

It is not unusual to have a stash of chocolates hiding in one of the desks’ draws. However, with Charlie, even chocolates hid away were not safe. She had worked out how to open the draw and steal the chocolates! Yes, I know, chocolates are not good for doggies. Tell us about it: we had to take Charlie to the vet on several occasions after stealing and eating an entire box of chocolates.

A year ago, Lucy joined our furry family. We felt having a Beagle puppy would give Charlie a new lease on life. In the beginning, Charlie was outright annoyed that we decided to bring home a puppy, but it did not take long before they would cuddle together and develop a strong friendship.

On the morning we had to take Charlie to the vet for the last time, our neighbour told us he could hear Lucy crying the entire time we were out. Normally Lucy lets out an angry bark. We know Lucy misses Charlie dearly.

It is interesting Charlie always liked gentle, soft-smelling oils, such as lavender and sweet orange, whereas Lucy loves Jasmine and Mogra. I am sure the same personality profiling of scent that applies to humans, applies to our pets.

Our pets are such an important part of our lives. It is no wonder we feel so sad when they depart. To everyone who has recently lost a furry loved one, my deepest condolences and heartfelt love goes out to you.

Please enjoy some of my favourite photos of Charlie below.

Thank you so much.

Best wishes


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